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Luxury. Silver. Jewelry.


Luxury silver jewelry line designed by Pamela Roskin. 



Pamela Roskin launched Nineteen Seventy-Four after working as Ralph Lauren's textile archivist. She has over a decade of experience collaborating with other jewelers on their collections

   Roskin's jewelry designs are about authenticity and lasting luxury. She creates each piece with the vision that they will become classics--to be loved forever. 

   She has her master’s degree in fashion and textile history from F.I.T. "The history of an object tells a story that I find fascinating. I am drawn to antique jewelry and vintage fashion that remains wearable today. That is how I have designed Nineteen Seventy-Four--as a collection with enduring appeal, " said Roskin.

All Nineteen Seventy-Four pieces are designed by Pamela Roskin in New York City, and crafted by artisans that the designer works closely with in Bali, Indonesia.